4th Data Release (DR4)

The fourth HerMES data release consists of several data products that supersede the products from DR2/DR3.

  • The version 6.0 of SPIRE maps (SMAPs) contains all the SPIRE observations made for HerMES. On each field, the maps combine (“nest”) all the observations. We don't provide separated maps for deep field as the are included in the nested maps; we only provide some shallow maps for the large fields. Please, read the documentation for the SMAP maps.
  • As part of the Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project (HELP) we provide all-band catalogues extracted on blind 250µm positions (xID250) obtained using the new SPIRE maps. Please, read the documentation of the HerMES-DR3 for a description of the xID250 catalogues.
  • This is the first release of maps for PACS observations made for HerMES. Please, note that the PACS maps are not nested as the SMAP maps are, so several PACS maps may correspond to one SPIRE map. Please, read the documentation for PACS maps.
  • On these maps, we extracted PACS fluxes at MIPS 24µm prior positions (xID24-PACS). Please, read the documentation for xID24-PACS catalogues.
  • As part of HELP, we also provide a catalogue of SPIRE fluxes extracted at MIPS 24µm prior position using the new XID+ software. Please, read the documentation for the COSMOS-XID+ catalogue.
  • We combined the observations on the overlapping fields HeLMS, HerS, and XMM-LSS to produce a single map of 385 square degrees, the largest contiguous extragalactic field observed by Herschel. Click to view.

You can download this data from the following links.

HerMES fields SPIRE maps, SPIRE blind catalogues, PACS maps, and PACS MIPS24 prior catalogues

COSMOS MIPS24 prior XID+ catalogue

HerS-HeLMS-XMM-LSS combined SPIRE maps

HerMES cluster SPIRE maps

SPIRE beams