Here is a list of publication related to the GOODS-Herschel survey.

Authors Title (link)
Mullaney, J. R. et al (2012) GOODS-Herschel: the far-infrared view of star formation in active galactic nucleus host galaxies since z ≈ 3 (2012MNRAS.419...95M)
Reddy, N. et al (2012) GOODS-Herschel Measurements of the Dust Attenuation of Typical Star-forming Galaxies at High Redshift: Observations of Ultraviolet-selected Galaxies at z ~ 2 (2012ApJ...744..154R)
Hwang, H. S. et al (2011) GOODS-Herschel: the impact of galaxy-galaxy interactions on the far-infrared properties of galaxies (2011A&A...535A..60H)
Kartaltepe, J. S. el al (2011) GOODS-Herschel & CANDELS: The Morphologies of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at z~2 (2011arXiv1110.4057K)
Magdis, G. E. et al (2011) GOODS-Herschel: Gas-to-dust Mass Ratios and CO-to-H2 Conversion Factors in Normal and Starbursting Galaxies at High-z (2011ApJ...740L..15M)
Magdis, G. E. et al (2011) GOODS-Herschel: a population of 24 μm dropout sources at z < 2 (2011A&A...534A..15M)
Elbaz, D. et al (2011) GOODS-Herschel: an infrared main sequence for star-forming galaxies (2011A&A...533A.119E)
Buat, V. et al (2011) GOODS-Herschel: evidence of a UV extinction bump in galaxies at z > 1 (2011A&A...533A..93B)