The GOODS-Herschel Survey

Welcome on the Herschel Database in Marseille section dedicated to the “Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: far-infrared imaging with Herschel” (GOODS-Herschel, Elbaz et al., 2011) survey.

GOODS-Herschel is an open time key programme of more than 360 hours of observation with the Herschel instruments SPIRE and PACS from 100 µm to 500 µm on the two fields of the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS).

What's new?

  • September 2012: Opening of the site and first release of GOODS-Herschel public data.

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The main objectives of GOODS-Herschel programme are:

  • to resolve most of the cosmic star-formation rate density up to a redshift of z~4, by detecting ~2000 galaxies in the unexplored regimes of normal galaxies up to z~1, luminous IR galaxies up to z~2 and ultra-luminous IR galaxies to z~4.

  • to bridge IR and ultraviolet selected galaxies down to the level where both agree up to z~1.5 and potentially up to z~4.

  • to identify and study the buried Compton Thick active galactic nuclei responsible for the still unresolved 30% fraction of the cosmic X-ray background, which peaks at 30 keV.

GOODS-North 100µm/160µm/500µm RGB
RGB composite image of GOODS-North using PACS 100 µm (blue), 160 µm (green) and SPIRE 250 µm (red) maps. Click to see a larger image.
GOODS-South 24µm/100µm/160µm RGB
RGB composite image of GOODS-South using Spitzer-MIPS 24 µm (blue), PACS 100 µm (green) and 160 µm (red). Click to see a larger image.

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