HeDaM was made possible thanks to various third party software. We want to thank the teams developing these tools, in particular:

  • We make an extensive use of Python with astropy and pandas modules.

  • To create images and RGB composites from FITS maps, we are using the Astronomical Plotting Library in Python (APLpy).

  • APLpy makes use of Montage, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Science Technology Office, Computation Technologies Project, under Cooperative Agreement Number NCC5-626 between NASA and the California Institute of Technology. Montage is maintained by the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive.

  • To convert catalogue data from one format to another, we are using the Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set (STILTS) developed by Mark Taylor from the Bristol University.

  • The web site are made using Bootstrap, jQuery, Magnific Popup and Fancybox.

Herschel is an ESA space observatory with science instruments provided by European-led Principal Investigator consortia and with important participation from NASA.