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Overview of HELP field Herschel-Stripe-82

This HELP field is defined by SPIRE coverage of the Herschel coverage of the Sload Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Stripe 82 field..

Click here to get a simple VOX query to get you started. To query the flux columns use f_best_g, ferr_best_g, m_best_g, and merr_best_g for the lowest error flux, flux error, AB magnitude, and magnitude error measurement available. All the main broadband optical and near infrared fluxes are available by replacing g with u, g, r, i, z, y, j, h, k, or ks. A full description of all columns is available here. You can also query the full table with all specific bands available.

Key stats:
Area 363.23 square degrees
Masterlist objects 50196455
XID+ objects 2976447
Photo-z objects 21509448
CIGALE objects 250644
Median g depth AB 25.88 mag, or 0.16 uJy
Median K or Ks depth AB 21.15 mag, or 12.55 uJy
Median IRAC i1 depth AB 22.73 mag, or 2.95 uJy
Median SPIRE 250 depth AB 14.24 mag, or 7332.14 uJy

The raw files for this field can be downloaded from the following links:

This field contains ancillary data sets from the following surveys: